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Damage to Rental Equipment

If rental equipment was damaged while you were renting it, you are responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of the item, regardless of the reason for, or cause of the damage. We’re going to take a deposit for repair services from you when you drop the equipment off. Our Repair Deposits are;

  • $100 for Support, Audio, Grip and Accessories
  • $350 for Camera, Lenses, Lights and Cinema

If the item is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair your deposit is equal to the Replacement Price of the equipment.

We’ll send the item out for repair services. Once we’ve gotten the total price of the repair, we’ll collect the balance of what’s due from you.

Upon renting the equipment, you will be presented with our formal Terms and Conditions, which you agree to be bound to by accepting the rental equipment.  If you ever have any questions, please let us know.