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Rental Verified Trade Account Customer Agreement


This “Rental Verified” Trade Account Customer Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth additional terms and conditions pertaining to trade account customers of Pro Photo Supply, Inc. (“Pro Photo Supply”) and their authorizing organization (collectively, “Customer”), and are in addition to those standard terms and conditions applicable to all Pro Photo Supply equipment rental orders (“Rental(s)”).

  • Information Collection Purpose; Representation
  • Customer understands that the information provided will be relied on by Pro Photo Supply in the evaluation and extension of a trade account, and Customer represents and warrants to Pro Photo Supply that all information supplied by Customer is complete and accurate. Customer certifies that they are above the age of 18. Customer certifies that they represent themselves in this Application or are acting as a bona fide representative with the powers to commit the authorizing organization to a binding agreement.  Pro Photo Supply reserves the right to cancel Customer’s trade account at any time.

  • Limitations
  • This trade account is extended exclusively to pay the required deposits equal to the estimated replacement cost of the equipment rented by Customer and shall not constitute an extension of billing terms for purchases or rental fees between Customer and Pro Photo Supply. 

  • Identity Verification and Validation
  • Customer must provide valid U.S. state issued photographic identification at the time of application. Pro Photo Supply may use software or other commercial services to determine the validity of the identification provided and to verify the identity of the Customer. Customer is responsible for providing Pro Photo Supply with a list of representatives authorized to transact on their behalf and to notify Pro Photo Supply in the event of changes to that list. Authorized representatives must provide valid U.S. state issued photographic identification to pick up Rentals.

  • Payment Verification and Validation
  • Customer must provide a valid major credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) at the time of entering into this Agreement (“Card On File”), which will be kept on file with Pro Photo Supply and verified each time a Rental covered under this Agreement is made. Customer is responsible for updating Pro Photo Supply with updated card information before each Rental.

  • Default
  • Customer must make reasonable attempts to communicate with Pro Photo Supply regarding late returns. In the event a Rental is not returned 7 days after its due date and Pro Photo Supply has been unable to collect the applicable late fees from Customer, the Rental will be considered in Default and the Customer’s Card On File will be charged the full replacement value of the Rental. In the event that a Card On File cannot pay the full replacement value of the Rental, Pro Photo Supply may pursue collection actions against the Customer. In the event of a delinquency, Pro Photo Supply may impose a finance charge of 2% on the delinquent balance until paid. In the event of a default, Pro Photo Supply may apply Customer deposits to the debt owed. In the event of a default, all collection expenses and attorneys’ fees incurred by Pro Photo Supply in connection with the collection of the defaulted amount shall be due and payable by the Customer. The interpretation of this agreement shall be subject to the laws of the State of Oregon, and any necessary legal action shall be brought in Multnomah County, Oregon.

  • Applicant Agreement
  • The Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement.